Friday, November 20, 2009

It's been a dog week

I did a blog interview with Happy Tails Books – Lost Souls Found! If you get a chance go on over and check it out. You’ll learn a little more about me, the five dog Mom. Your comments are also appreciated. Happy Tails Book – Lost Souls Found! are breed specific books with heartwarming and inspiring stores about adopted and rescued dogs. If you have a story to share about your adopted dog, Happy Tails books accepts stories for publishing! These books are great! They would make a neat Christmas gift for someone you know that loves dogs.

My doctor called yesterday about my MRI results. I have a herniated disc, arthritic bone spurs, and a narrowing of the spinal canal. I start physical therapy next week. At least now if this happens again he can give me an epidural block. I would have to live with back pain for years before I chose surgery as an option. Time to slow down.

And now, on to the dogs.

Earlier in the week I thought she saw a scratch under Bonnie’s eye. It might have come from a bush or something in the yard. After a few days it looked like it was swelling, then it got as big as a black eyed pea. I was planning on taking Bonnie to the vet after it swelled, but it’s gone down a little. I wonder if there may be something in there and if that’s infection? Bonnie will probably have to go to the Vet Monday, unless it looks like it’s going away. I dread it if it’s an infection because they’ll have to open it up and clean it out, which means that she’ll have to be sedated.

I love Bonnie's eyebrows, they look so feminine.

smooth coat jack russell terriers,jack russell

Chloe sounds hoarse. I did some research today, but didn’t find the answer. She has a collapsed trachea and it sounds a little like a honk, but it’s her bark, not a breathing issue. She’s feeling pretty good, she’s actually barked so much lately I thought she had a sore throat. I think we have some new dogs in the neighborhood. She’s barking at dogs I haven’t heard before. I’ll give her a few more days and then maybe she’ll go in with Bonnie.

I can't wait any longer, I've got to clean that door. Look through the glass.

Eskie,american eskimo dog

Toby is my little thin-skinned pup. It’s no wonder he had so many scars when I got him, he scratches himself raw all the time. He scratched the hair off of his hind leg all the way to the skin recently. This is not the first time, but it has been a while. His two toes were pink and hairless last month where he had a scratch. He must be running past something low to the ground and scraping his legs. My husband thinks it could be the wooden deck steps because he goes down so fast and sometimes trips. What’s with Jack Russell’s and steps? Both of mine run down with one leg lifted in the air. “Hey, who needs four legs when three work fine?”

Gee, I just want to kiss this.

broken coat jack russell terrier,jack russell,jrt

Gotta a funny about Toby. Toby always waits in the bathroom for me when I shower. I recently started taking more baths because it’s getting cold and I enjoy them more in the winter. I lean back in the tub and wet my hair and I’ll sometimes shampoo my hair in the tub. Toby hasn’t been in the bathroom when I bathed until last night. He was sitting on the rug right in front of the tub watching me so I was talking to him. I swear he wanted in the way he kept looking at me with those big dark eyes. Then I leaned back and slid under water to wet my hair. When I came up he jumped back and dashed over to the door! Then he came back and was keeping his distance barking at me like it was fear related! I’m not sure if it was the wet hair or if I looked like the Loch ness Monster coming up out of the water!

My shoe kept coming up missing yesterday. Toby doesn’t chew on shoes, but there was something about these shoes that he needed. Every time I put it back with the match, he would take it back. Well, until I pointed my finger and told him, “No!.”

broken coat jack russell,jack russell

not a toy

Darlin’ took her first treat from my husband yesterday! He gives the dogs a treat in the morning before he leaves for work. He takes Darlin’s treat to her bed because she still isn’t comfortable with him or our children. She lies in her dog bed on my side until I get up. He used to take the treat and offer it, but she turned away so he left it for her. Then he said he left her treat and he would hear her crunching as he left the room. Gradually as she became more secure eating the treat while he was nearby she started eating them before he got around the foot of the bed. Last week he told me that he heard her crunch as soon has he turned his back. He always puts it to her mouth before leaving it. Yesterday she opened her mouth for the first time! This morning she took two! Hooray for Darlin’! This means a lot to us! She’s been living inside our home since April.

I know this doesn't look natural because I'm also the one taking the picture. Darlin' is a hand shaker. Once she bonded with me, she started offering her paw. She's so sweet when she does it.

stray dog,stray rescue

Sam has decided he’s going to lay on the couch now. He is allowed on the leather sofa downstairs, but I never allowed him on the ones that Darlin’ and Toby are on in our pictures. Those were actually my places to sit without dog hair. Then I got Darlin’. She feels safe next to me so I made an allowance for her, and then Toby, and Bonnie. It’s just a surprise to walk by and see him sleeping there. He only has to get down when I clean it up or if I’m sitting there because there isn’t enough room for all of us. Sam has also been waking my husband up between 3:00 – 4:00 am to go outside. My husband swears he’s doing it for a treat. He said Sam didn’t waste anytime outside last night, then he whined next to the bed because my husband didn’t give him a biscuit! I slept like a baby last night.

cattle dog,blue heeler,stray dog,dogs

I’m going to make a memorial donation in Hana’s name to Heart Bandits Rescue. It’s been a while since I looked up Eskie rescues until tonight. They sure have their hands full of a lot of beautiful dogs. It makes me sad for those homeless dogs. I was shocked at how many Eskies need forever homes from just that one rescue group. It just goes to show that purebred dogs end up abandoned like any other breed. And breeders complain about mandatory spay and neuter laws!

This is Heavens new Angel, Hana. Her parents aren't doing so good right now. Please visit their blog. Hana the Dog

american eskimo dog


  1. It is so totally miserable when you lose a good friend. I lost a dog five years ago that I still haven't been about to write about - the wound only grows larger. I have been to the site you speak about and hat left my words but wish to could do more to soothe their sad, sad, hearts.

  2. i love how toby sleeps with your shoe.

    and re the bathtub incident: my old toby used to get scared every time i pulled up my fur-trimmed winter hood. i think he thought i was a bear.

  3. This was a fun post and we learned a lot about your pups. We hope you get some relief for your back issue and we so hope Bonnie's eye is OK.

    We didn't know Hana but she was a beauty - very nice of you to make that donation.

    Woos and happy weekend, the OP Pack

  4. I love that photo of Chloe and the cat. The window just adds to the photo! Also enjoyed the Toby story.

    I, too, hope you can find whatever's causing the back pain. I've been through the surgery, although not for the normal back reason, and five years later, I'm still waiting (and hoping) to get back to normal someday.

  5. Take care of you! A small glass of apple vinegar a day can help dissolve bone spurs, I think it's helping with mine! A acupuncturist suggested it!

    What's there to loose??? Anything to help the pain right!

  6. I love to adopt one of those dogs! I have two dogs and they are amazing!But we also have to give priority to our pets vaccines.
    While there are those who would recommend not immunizing against bordetella because the disease it causes can be treated easily and because of fear of the side effects of bordetella, most veterinarians and other experts agree that the bordetella vaccine should be administered routinely, especially in cases where a dog will be exposed to other dogs which may carry the bacteria.

  7. I love the Chloe! What breed is that dog? I want to have a dog of that breed.