Friday, April 30, 2010

Gizmo still needs a forever home

Some new pictures of our foster girl. This dog is a sweetheart! She's been turning over and giving us her belly which is a good sign showing she trusts us. She's doing well here, but hoping her forever human will see her and give her the life she deserves. 11 lbs, 11 years old, owner surrender to the shelter, fully vetted and fully housetrained. No health issues, teeth are beautiful! Loves to play catch, she's still has lots of life in her. No issues with cats whatsoever. You want the perfect dog that's so easy to care for? She's right here!

Currently living in Central AL. No small/young children. Please see her previous post.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Our foster girl needs a loving home!

I've been actively involved in animal rescue for the past few months. We'll have lot's of stories to share with you soon.

Meet Gizmo, our little foster girl. I pulled her from the shelter thinking she was going to rescue. I decided to foster her because she had kennel cough when I picked her up. She is well now. Her bones, blankie, and toys are packed. She is ready to go to her forever home. She needs a safe place where she will get attention, love, and the security of retirement. If you ever dreamt of a perfect little lap dog that is no trouble whatsoever, Gizmo is your girl.

If we didn't have a house full of dogs already, she would never leave. I cannot keep her; I promised to save her and rehome her.


My name is Gizmo. My name is all I have left of my old life. I'm an 11 yr. old JRT mix that once had a family that held me and spoiled me with treats. My family took me to the shelter and told them that "I tried to bite the grandkids", but my records state I have no bite history. A lady came to save me from an uncertain fate and now I'm looking for my forever home.

I got sick at the shelter, but I took antibiotics and I feel much better now! Kennel cough is a common respiratory infection that many dogs can get in a shelter environment. My foster Mom pushed my medicine down the back of my throat and I didn't bite her! I didn't even try! I didn't fight or squirm either!! You should have seen me at the vet! I was on my best behavior getting shots, my check-up and my nails trimmed!!

My foster home has three cats that don't interest me at all!

I'm also living with five dogs and I'm doing well.

I'm fine in a crate, but I prefer to be in a room when no one is with me. In fact if foster Mom is busy, I just go right back to my bed. Foster Mom let me stay in a room the first few days, but my foster brother let me sleep with him after that! I'm fine in your bed or in my own!!

I'm so easy to care for - you would love me if you knew me!

I'm completely housetrained. I go potty and I'm ready to go back inside. My foster family has 15 steps and I run up them like I'm 2 years old!!

I like to be held and to lie in your lap, but if you can't hold me I'll just find a soft spot to get comfortable.

I don't bark unless other dogs bark first, then I chime in. I do well on a leash and would love to go for walks with you.

I'm affectionate, but not the kissing type. If you speak to me, I'm all ears!

I have many good years ahead of me to love someone new. I've adapted easily to a lot of change recently and I still love everyone.

I like to play "catch the soft toy" and I'll bring it back to you. I can easily run up and down steps and walk on wood or tile floors, but I only weigh 11 lbs so you can carry me if you want to. I'm also very good at sitting with my paws up and begging if I need to go outside or if I'm asking you to pick me up.

I don't do well on hard food. I have my teeth, but it doesn't appear that I've eaten it before. This explains why I lost so much weight in the shelter. (EDIT 6/15) Gizmo actually likes Pedigree dry. She grazes a little in the morning and late afternoon. I guess she wasn't familiar with our premium food - Taste Of The Wild.

Foster Mom thinks it would be better for my to go to a home without children or to a home with teenagers. I don't mind if you kiss me when you are holding me, but it's probably best that no one lean over the top of me.

Foster Mom will discuss adoption with family or friends. She doesn't want me to go back to a shelter again where I could lose my life. Foster Mom would keep me, but her house is full and if she keeps me she won't be able to help other dogs in the future.

If you know someone looking for a small lap dog with good manners, please tell them about me. My health is good and my teeth are good. I'm spayed and up-to-date on my shots. DOB 3/29/1999. Application, home visit, and adoption fee will apply. Transportation can be arranged. Long distance transport is additional cost. I'm worth it!!

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