Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One black spot

Tobys ears were bothering him this week. He scratches, cries, and shakes his head. The head shaking is not good because it can cause a hematoma (blood clot) on the ear that could require surgery. Our cat had one once from shaking her head when she got ear mites from our other cat. Lilith was a stray. After a couple of visits the vet and with the use of medication, they always come back.

Toby will lie next to Sam and Sam will lick his ears. I usually stop them because every time Sam licks his ears they start to bother him. I have to hold Toby down for ear drops because he doesn't like his ears or feet messed with. My husband put the drops in his ears and went to bed. Toby didn't want to have anything to do with me after that.

Oh, Come on Tobes, sit with Mommy.

broken coat Jack Russell

Don't you want to sit with Mommy?

broken coat jack russell terrier

Toby, you don't have to lay over there, come up on the couch with me.

broken coat jack russell


jack russell

Okay, I'll leave you alone.

jack russell

That one black spot makes Toby a Tri-colored Jack Russell.


  1. We don't think there are any pups who like their ears messed with. Hope Toby is doing better now. Hey another pup with a black spot near his tail, just like our post today.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Two sickies right now??? You have your hands more full than normal! I hope their tails get wagging again soon.

  3. Hey there
    Im sorry to hear about Toby's ears. Your furry ones seem in the wars...hows Chloe doing?
    I wanted also to drop by and answer your question about my childhood companion, Scampi.
    I have absolutely NO IDEA what breed she was. Where we lived - in rural South Africa - she was most likely a mixture of many...a true pavement special! BUT she was the most adorable creature - brimming with energy and soft, cuddly fur - the perfect friend for a 5yr old. I remember her well - and that was 45 years ago!
    Look after your furry ones. I was telling my daughter (the prospective Vet) about your wonderful mobile vet who came to visit last week!
    With love and licks

  4. Your house looks like our house with dog beds and blankets everywhere for the dogs and cats. We wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting with us when we lost my brother Ziggy in January. It's taken some time to get back to blogging but we're getting there slowly. We really appreciated hearing from you!


  5. I hope Toby feels better soon - ear infections are zero fun when the meds stop working...

  6. I love Chloe! I love dogs with those kind of fur. Chloe seems to look like a cute wolf although all of them are cute. :)

  7. Hey! I rescued a little guy who looks an awful lot like Toby. Same amazing eyes, same hair, same swirls on his rump, hinky hindquarters that make him run with a little hitch-kick... My fella is 8 lbs and about 2 years old (the vet's best guess). I've been trying to figure out what he is and if there are any more of him out there, b/c he's too small to be a JR. How big is Toby?

  8. Hi Anon! Toby weighs 14 lbs. He's a rough coat Jack Russell. I rescued him probably before he turned a year old. He weighed 11 lbs at that time. The vet thought Toby was 1-2 when I rescued him, but he got taller and more filled out. How long ago did you rescue yours? Wish I could see a picture.

  9. Well, the mystery continues (at my end) Charlie looks just like a mini Jack Russell, but is not getting any bigger...how do I send you a pic?

  10. Send email to (caninecrusaderATymaildotcom)Sorry, trying to avoid spam!