Sunday, May 31, 2009

Does your dog stink?

No one comes in our yard, but they always manage to find a stinky spot. It's like this rare dime size spot in the yard that everyone has to gather and get a little of their fair share.

Bonnie is always first to find it.

jack russell

Oh yeah!

Jack Russell Terrier

Gimme some stinky

two jack russells

oh yeah!

broken coat jack russell

Hey, find your own stinky spot.

jack russell,two jack russells

What? I want stinky too.

broken coat jack russell

Lets go play!

two jack russells


  1. DARLIN is a lucky dog to have such a loving canine, feline and human FOREVER Family. Beautiful photos of the pack. May they and your family be blessed with good health and lots of "stinky" places to enjoy~~~~ Well, to entertain their guardians with anyway. Great Blog!

  2. All are lucky dogs. You are seeing in road, Many dogs are sleeping there, But no one can take a care. These five dogs are really lucky who are trained a professional trainer.