Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Things to do with dog poop

Do you clean up after your dog? We don't! If I lived in the city I would have to, but my yard is big enough that I can leave it. However it gets pretty hot here and a whiff of a warm breeze across my yard in the summer is rough. My brother-in-law has a landscaping company and gave me this great tip that works to break down your dogs poo and helps to control the smell.

See the white spots in our yard? That's cheap powered Lime from any home store.


Open a bag, get yourself an old cup, and walk around your yard sprinkling it over the top.

doggy poo

doggy poo

It absorbs the moisture and odors and within a day or two you have white hard dried up poop that breaks down easily. Heck, you could pick that up if you wanted.

For those of you that have dogs that dig up your yard.

I found a method to control where your dog digs that really works! Well, I won't guarantee it to work if you have a dog that eats poop. Yes, they are out there! The guy that cuts our yard told me about this. My JRT digs and I honestly don't mind as long as she stays in the back of the yard, but since I've tripped in a few holes I got tired of her digging near the back porch.

Put some poop in the hole and they won't go back! As you can see I tried it and the grass is growing back over the hole. Since these pictures were taken I have filled the holes where I don't want them and placed a little poop on top. She won't go near them! Well, she did and backed right up when she got a whiff. I even put the poop in the holes she dug out by her pool.

solve dog digging problems,solution for dogs that dig

solution for dogs that dig

It's free, it's simple, and it works!

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