Monday, August 10, 2009

Dog days of summer

The dogs are looking forward to cooler weather.

blue heeler,cattle dog

blue heeler,cattle dog in pool

blue heeler

Sam's favorite spot is at the front door.

blue heeler,cattle dog,ACD dog

Bonnie worked all summer. She's had some sunburn because nothing can keep her indoors.

digging jack russell terrier

A fly on the door frame...

jack russell

She always has time for Frisbee or to amuse herself.

jack russell

Darlin' is loving her new home and yard...


She learned a new line dance...

dancing dog

Chloe got a summer haircut. She's 6 years old now, this was her second summer getting cut. Alabama is awful hot for a dog with such a thick coat. It seemed to build her self confidence, but she had to fight off her nasty roommates. They kept mounting her that first week. Everyone wanted a piece of the new Chloe!

Eskie,Eskimo Spitz,Eskie haircut

It's called the fox cut. Foxy Baby!

fox haircut for Eskimo Spitz

Chloe's new haircut

She still sleeps in her favorite spot. She and Sam both have a favorite vent.

Eskimo dog cooling off

Toby always finds a spot of shade or a lawn chair.

broken coat jack russell

broken coat jack russell

I can't blame him, that concrete gets hot!


This post was inspired by a poem I remembered from my childhood.


Old Dog lay in the summer sun,
Much too lazy to rise and run.
He flapped an ear at a buzzing fly.
He winked a half opened sleepy eye.
He scratched himself on an itching spot,
As he dozed on the porch where the sun was hot.
He whimpered a bit from force of habit,
While he lazily dreamed of chasing a rabbit.
But old dog happily lay in the sun,
Much too lazy to rise and run.

— James S. Tippett

I hope your dogs are having a good summer.


  1. these dogs are so adorable...
    specially Chloe, she's so beautiful...
    it seems that all of them have fully recovered
    from their past...
    thank goodness and to all those people who rescued them...

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  2. Dont you love summer? It's my fave part of the year! It gives me a lot of time to play with my dogs outside and i can take them wherever i wanted to.
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  3. I have a loer-boy Toby that looks just like your Toby, but his hair is not as long! I feel the same way about my Toby that you do! He was sent from heaven.