Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Few words

Double bed

Jack Russell Terrier


dogs,dinner time


Jack Russell Terrier

Where's Toby?

Where's Toby?

Copy Cat

coonhound mix
broken coat jack russell,Jack Russell Terrier

More cheese please

broken coat jack russell


jack russule terriers,coonhound mix


jack russell,coonhound mix,friendship

Safe and Secure

stray dog,rescue dog,coonhound mix


  1. Hello there!!

    We just LOVE your pack!

    We have been reading some of your posts and were interested in your poop post. BOL! Sounds funny. Anyway, do the dogs mess with the lime that you place on it at all? We have been trying to find the best method of pick up and storage between trash pickups and with the heat in Texas we know all about the horrible smell.

    ALL of our pups LOVE to dig and we have tried the poop in the hole trick. Ours have caught on and just start a new hole. BOL

    It's a pleasure to meet your family and we will come back to visit! :)

    Chasing my tale...
    Addie, Lucie, and Hailey

  2. Hi Raising Addie! Thank you! I knew that poop post would help someone! lol No, the dogs don't bother the lime nor are they curious. In fact one will usually follow me around the yard as I sprinkle the lime, but I have never seen a dog smell it, not sure why, but I'm glad about that. It works fast at drying up the poo and keeps the flies away too. As far as the holes, I filled all the holes near my back porch and put poop on top. Most of them grew grass back, but Bonnie went back to two holes this last week because the poop had decomposed and was gone. She dug out those holes fast because the dirt I used was bagged soil. So this week I have to refill those two holes and make sure I have poop on top. Also, the poo nearest the back porch I put lime on too to keep the scent down and flies away from the house. At first I just left it as it was, but I saw a bunch of flies on top. Just have to keep at it. Bonnie starts new holes too, but I leave her a few at the back of the yard. She's my only digger and digs enough for five dogs! The heat in Texas should help the poop dry up and decompose faster than in wetter climates. Thank you for stopping by, I'll get over and read about your fur kids!

  3. Hi all! What a wonderful home you all have. We loved reading about each of your personalities.
    Will check back soon.
    It's just me over at my home...but come by for a visit if ya like

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose