Monday, January 18, 2010

Post Christmas

Hi Everyone!

Wow! I knew it had been weeks, but just realized it’s been a month since I’ve posted. Between work, my house, the dogs, and family the month has flown by. My husband gave me a new laptop for Christmas and I didn’t put my hands on it until last week! If anyone uses Windows Live mail let me know, I’m a fan of Outlook which is no longer available. I’m totally disappointed about Outlook because I have email folders full of saved emails, links, pictures, recipes, and animal rescues going back more than four years.

The month in review with pictures!

This was the first time I hung stocking on the fireplace. My daughter used glitter glue and put the dog’s initials and a paw print on each. She also fussed because Toby’s had a pattern and looked different than the others. I guess Ill pick up a solid color when I see them next year.

dog stockings

The dogs had a good Christmas. They got lot's of stuffed toys, all of which Toby took within a minute of passing them out. We don't wrap for the dogs because they play while we unwrap our own.

Jack Russell Terriers

Toby is selfish with toys. I've thought about what it must have been like for him at the pound and it's heartbreaking to think that he had no toys or someone to hold him. His happiness comes from being held or playing with a toy.

jack russell terriers

Toby came running in the room with this stuffed dog. Apparently he found it in my son's room. If it's stuffed, he thinks he can have it.

broken coat jack russell terrier

Sam spent Christmas guarding the presents.

blue heeler,cattle dog

He got a new tie. I don't think anyone could wear it better than he does.

blue heeler,cattle dog

Toby got a new sweater.

broken coat jack russell terrier

The other dogs don't care for clothes, they are too shy or active.

Azriel spent all of his free time under the tree. I had to wash the tree skirt because there was a large black spot where he slept that was nothing but hair.

cat Christmas

This was my favorite Christmas picture. The kids were opening gifts when I noticed the wrapping paper was piling up on top of Bonnie. She didn't seem to care.

Jack Russell Christmas
jack russell terrier

Darlin' is a lot more comfortable these days. She even played with toys one night during the Holidays. That's huge for us because she has a hard time relaxing when my family is home.

fearful dog

And she laid in the floor like a dog and had a chew! That was a first for her, usually she has a small one lying next to me on the couch. This one she held between her feet!

stray rescue

Dad took some time off from work through Christmas. Unfortunately it means working around the house. Bonnie is always nearby to assist him.


smooth coat jack russell

We visited with my step-son and his wife. Their dog has grown into a real beauty! This is Lucy, a mixed breed they adopted from a rescue group at Pet Smart when she was a few months old. She had to stay outside during dinner because we had family there with a newborn baby and they don't care much for dogs. I think she's awesome looking! They said she stands there and looks in the window every time they have company over, but she lives indoors otherwise.

adopted rescue

adopted rescue dog

My husband recieved a Honey Baked Ham for Christmas. I've had Toby close to a year now and he's never been so interested in food. The ham scent must have been calling him.

broken coat jack russell

Toby sits at our table a lot, although usually not during dinner. I thought this was so cute so I took his picture. I put my camera away, my husband wasn't watching and my ham dissapeared from my plate! We'll be watching closely from now on, especially when we have ham!

broken coat jack russell

Toby went to the nursing home. We heard so many stories from elderly people about their dogs. While it was great to see their faces light up with Toby, it was hard because they would tear up telling us about their dogs. One man (not pictured) was sitting in the hall in his wheelchair and started crying so hard as we approached. Later I saw him again with his family and he was fine. I felt sure seeing Toby brought back memories of a dog he had loved.

jack russell

broken coat jack russell

jack russell

broken coat jack russell

jack russell

broken coat jack russell

He spent about three hours there and was worn out on the way home.

jack russell terrier

We have dog beds throughout our home, two or more in each room. This dog bed is Sams, but everyone seems to favor it because it has a thick mattress. No doubt we'll be getting another soon.

blue heeler,cattle dog

smooth coat jack russell,broken coat jack russell terrier

jack russell terrier,smooth coat jack russell,broken coat jack russell,eskie

eskie,eskimo dog

mixed breed stray,stray dog rescue

I walked in the kitchen one morning and found Baby like this. I was worried she was sick. She was keeping warm!

blue heeler,sweet kitty

An unlikely pair. Two dogs rescued within three weeks of each other have a strong bond.

broken coat jack russell terrier,stray dog rescued

For some reason Darlin prefers to play at night - after my husband has gone to bed. He tells me he doesn't hear the dogs. I hope so because it can get loud with them rough housing.

dogs,eskie,blue heeler,stray rescue,jack russell

Our weather has gotten warmer. Chloe, our Eskie, would lay out in the cold, she prefers cold weather, but Bonnie and Toby shiver. Bonnie has been happier since the warm-up.

smooth coat jack russell terrier

Last week I convinced my daughter to transport some pit bull mix puppies going to rescue for me. I had therapy and couldn't make the trip. She called after picking them up and said, "Mom, don't do this to me!" I asked why and she told me that it makes her want to bring them home. I told her she couldn't because I have five, but she helped to save three lives. They were pulled from a high kill shelter and taken to rescue in Florida. I wanted one too!

rescued pit bull puppies

pit bull mix rescues

pit bull mix puppy

rescue pit mix puppies

Transport for rescues is one of the easiest things a person can do for those wanting to help rescued animals. There are cats, ferrets, and even pot belly pigs that need transportation. Sometimes it only takes an hour to drive a leg. If you want to help saves lives, please look up Animal Rescue Transport or get on a mailing list and help save lives without having to commit to a lifetime of care.

I hope everyone has had a good start to the New Year. We wish you all a year of good health, increased wealth, and many happy memories!


  1. damn damndamn I WANT ONE OF THOSE PUPPIES that you rescued. but i can't, of course. but i want i want.

    lovely lovely pictures of all your guys. glad toby got his ham.

  2. So much to see in this post - good to see you back posting. We finally got to doing the great meme you gave us a while back. Hope you all had wonderful holidays. It sure looks like it from this post. We think our Mom is in love with Toby:)

    Woos, the OP Pack

  3. WOW! What an eyeful! I really enjoyed seeing your holiday in action and reading about the adventures. Welcome back! Missed ya!

  4. Glad to see the post - and what a lot in in it! We loved all of the pictures.

  5. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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  8. These are amazing photos. I remember spending Christmas with my dogs last year at my granny's house and it was awesome!
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  9. amazing pictures! I love looking at them!

  10. It sounds like a pretty happy holiday. Based on the pictures, they seem to be enjoying Christmas day. My husband and I celebrated the Christmas season out of town with the kids and especially our jack russell terrier dog.