Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bad hair day

Toby's cowlick

jack russell terrier

Mom, don't show people my butt, please. I told you, they're dimples.

broken coat jack russell

going down


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I like your cowlick,I mean dimples!


  2. LOVE the cowlick!!

    Thank you for your comments!

    We brought our first Dachshund back from Germany! She left us in January at 14 and a half. My husband was in the military and we were stationed there for several years. What part of Germany did you bring your Doxie back from? Ours was from Frankfurt.

    It's great meeting you!

  3. Pirmasens, I know Frankfurt, my mother was from a small town outside of Giessen. I was born and raised there, Dad was Army, Mom was German, so we spent most of our time there. I'm married to a retired Navy guy myself.

    Brandy lived to be almost 15. My dads friend was sitting at a red light when I guy got out of his car with Brandy and his things practically dropping Brandy in our friends lap. He said his girlfriend couldn't keep him, he was 9 months old at the time. Our friends had a short hair Doxie named Whiskey (I know!) and asked if we wanted Brandy. He was a great dog. I was a teenager when we got him. I would put Brandy in the basket of my bike and ride all over. He loved it, sat up so proud with his ears blowing in the wind. Because of him I will always love Dachshunds.

    I inheritated a Border Collie 8 yrs ago when my customer died. Only family was allowed to see him in critical care, but I snuck in late one night because I knew he missed his dog. His dog was all he had and that dog was so loved and spoiled. He ordered him steak tips every night from Ruby Tuesdays and drove him around in his Jaguar. I was told he was in a coma and he wouldn't know me if he opened his eyes. I walked up to him and called out his name and told him who I was in case he was disoriented. I said, "I wanted you to know that I have Toma, he's fine and I'll take care of him. I got some of his things from your house and he's sleeping on your blanket from your chair." He opened his eyes and gave me a little grin then went back to sleep. His family asked me to take the dog. I cared for him a lot when my customer traveled, but it wasn't the right time in my life for him. I found a great couple (cats, never had kids) that fell in love with him and I still receive pictures every Christmas. Toma means Mans Best Friend. Sometimes I feel guilty that I didn't keep him, but he obviously found the right home. He was an amazing Frisbee dog too!

    It's great meeting you too! I always have a story. lol