Saturday, October 24, 2009

Going to the pet store

We went to the pet store last weekend. It was Bonnie's birthday, but she really didn't want to go. She hates the car, it makes her nervous and sometimes she gets car sick.

I was so excited, I love to ride in the car, it doesn't matter where we go.

Jack Russell Terrier,jack russell going to the store,pet store

Dad, I was thinking, could I get a new soft baby?

broken coat jack russell,riding in the car,going to pet store

It's okay Bonnie, we'll be there soon.

jack russell terrier

There's cool stuff here, you'll see.

Jack Russell Terrier

Whoa, check out that dog!

whoaaa, check out that dog!

Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy!

rhodesian ridgeback puppy

Thanks, Mom. I'm ready to leave.

jack russell terrier

I got a new soft baby! Bonnie got a Frisbee and a kong to distract her from the rocks she finds. Bonnie doesn't care about that kong, but I sure love my new baby.

dog toys

dogs and toys,jack russell and toys,broken coat jack russell

broken coat jack russell,Jack Russell Terrier

toby and his baby

Excuse me, that's my baby.

broken coat jack russell,jack russell and toys,Jack Russell Terrier

broken coat jack russell,dogs and toys,Jack Russell Terrier


  1. i remember when riley was just a pup, some friends gave him a toy that had a funny face on it, sort of like this one. he was terrified. i'm sorry to admit that we all laughed as he cowered.

    (he's much braver now.)

  2. Hi Toby,

    Your new baby looks to be a very good stuffy. Some of them are naughty and some are good. The good ones are for snuggling but the bad ones need destuffing! BOL

    Happy Birthday Bonnie!


  3. Love the pictures, especially of Bonnie in the shopping cart and Toby in the car! Sweet post:)

  4. Your vet could tell you an appropriate dose of dramamine for Bonnie. A lot of dogs get motion sickness and dramamine turns a nightmare into a fun outing for them!

    Happy Birthday to Bonnie!

    all the best-